Ekaterina Soorsk, kaasaegne tants

kell 10:00 - 11:30

7 eurot kord

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Ekaterina Soorsk
kaasaegse tantsu hommikutund "Switch attention to the body"

  • fookus tunnetusel
  • anatoomia staatikas ja liikumises
  • kontakt hingamisega
  • suhe ruumi, põranda ja partneriga
  • kujutlusvõime arendamine
  • musikaalsuse arendamine
  • keha jälgimine hetkes

Toimub igal kolmapäeval (väljaarvatud nädalatel, kui toimub liikumisSESOON)!
Tasu: 7 eurot kord


Every Friday 10:00 - 11:30
7 euro - class

Contemporary Morning Class "Switch attention to the body"

- Focus on sensations
- Understanding anatomy in statics and movement
- Connection with breathing
- Interaction with space, floor and partner
- Development imagination
- Development musicality
- Observing what happens to the body at each moment of time

Ekaterina Soorsk
Since 2010 i worked in Moscow (Russia) as teacher of contemporary and modern jazz dance and as choreographer, dancer and performer in own with Yana Oleshko DVA Dance Company.
Since 2017 lives in Tallinn (Estonia).

"The roots of my dancing careers started from classical choreography, ragga dancehall and hip-hop. After that i studied modern jazz, afro jazz, contemporary jazz and modern dance at the International Vortex Dance Centre. Attended classes of Timur Litvinov, Valentina Shulga, Rick Odums, Geraldin Armstrong, James Carles, James Harkness, Magali Verin, Tatyana Tarabanova, Mario Dias Betancourt.

Parallel to that i've studied different contemporary techniques such as release, flying low, contact improvisation and worked with one of the most outstanding contemporary choreographers in Russia - Lika Shevchenko. I've аttended workshop programs by Mitia Fedotenko, Irina Dolgolenko, Emmanuelle Gorda, Doug Varone, Erika Silgoner, Keren Levi, Sergey Smirnov, Ashot Nazaretyan, Anton Adasinskii, Xie Xin, Sara Ruddock, Jarkko Mandelin.

After taking part in Batsheva Dance Company workshops, i fell deeply in love with GaGa. I took up a 3 week course with Yaniv Abraham, Noa Zuk, Ohad Fishof (Batsheva Dance Company) and since then i've been working a lot in the same way.

Also i continued development in others practices such as somatic, qigong, tai chi, body percussion, afro cuba.

I worked as a:
- teacher of Contemporary, Modern Jazz, Afro Jazz, Ragga Dancehall, "Switch attention to the body" workshops

- organizer, teacher of DVA Dance Company Camps

- choreographer, dancer and performer DVA Dance Company

- assistant of choreographer Silver Soorsk (Mehed Tantsivad Merega)

- fintness coach of group programs (Xfit Fitness Clubs Moscow)

The main goal of my workshops is to experience the deep powerful innate resources of the body and find ways to manage it. Huge amount of energy, softness, force and lightness exist inside everyone. Since i realized it, i started to create a system which helps me to release, accept my body and work with it on the sensational level.

My approach is flexible for everyone, it is a set of tools that you can use in your everyday practic and life. During the workshops you will work with emptiness and completeness, big and small, hard and soft, square and round, deep isolation, feeling of earth, parts of the body, breathing, balance and weight.

Dance and movement for me – is a way of understanding of life and myself in it."

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